Root Touch-up: $60+

Single Process Color: $75+

Men's Color: $35+

Partial Highlights: $80+

Partial Low Lights: $80+

Full Highlights: $105+

Flamboyage 10:$100 (This service does not include Toner charge)

Glaze / Toner: $30+

Base Break: $45

Truplex bond preserve #1 & Treatment #2: $35+
Balayage & Ombre (Creative color):

starting price: $200 - $400+

*Depend on length and thickness of hair*

* All creative service include Treatment*
(Consultation Req.)
*All blonding services Include Toner Exception of Flamboyage 10*


Brazilian Knots Hair Extension
:(Consultation Req.)


·         Half Head (16” 60 pieces)

·         Full Head (16” 120 pieces)

HAIR + INSTALLATION (includes: full shampooing, styling as well as cut and shape of the hair)

·         Half Head- $510

o   Reinstallment: $270

·         Full Head- $788

o   Reinstallment: $486

REMOVAL (includes:  full shampooing and styling) : $81

The extensions will last up to 6 weeks.

They must be removed before any color service.

The hair is reusable up to three times.

*Custom Color and Length over 16” pricing will need a consultation*


On request, Tailored to your needs.

Trial runs are: $70

Bridal Updo: $86

*A call out fee will be charged, if we travel to your venue*

Haircut & Blow Dry
Women's & Girl’s Cut & Style: $50-$81

Men Haircut: $38

Bang Trim: $10

Bang Trim for returning clients: Complementary

Shampoo & Blow Dry: $38

Shampoo & Blow Dry W/ Extra styling: $45+

Smoothing Treatment & Relaxer
Signature Smoothing Solution (5 months)


  • Short Hair: $216
  • Medium Hair: $250-$325 (depends on thickness)
  • Long Hair: $350-$432 (depending on thickness)

Speedy Smoothing Solution 

  • Short Hair: $81
  • Medium Hair: $113
  • Long Hair:$135

Beach Wave (able to color after 7 days)
Create volume and movement 
Short Hair: $216
Medium Hair: $250-$324         
Long Hair: $432 
Preferred touch-up : 9 weeks
Perm-(able to color after 7 days)
Short Hair $250+
Medium Hair $350+
Long Hair $450-$500
Preferred touch-up: 9 weeks
Spot Treatment/ Partial Treatment(Wait 15 days to color)
bang area only $38
All Around Face $81
preferred Touch-up: 8-10 weeks

Correction bleach and tone
This service will include 2 stylists continuously applying the bleach application, all toning sessions, and Truplex bond repair Step 1&2.
Short hair single process: $250+
Short hair single process touch-up 6-8 weeks: $150+
Medium hair single process: $300+
Medium hair single process touch-up 6-8 weeks: $200+
Long hair single process: $400+
Long hair single process touch-up 6-8 weeks: $250+
*Double processing will include up to 3 stylists and all of the above *
Short hair double process: $400+
Short hair double process touch-up 6-8 weeks: $300+
Medium hair double process $550-$700
Medium hair double process touch-up 6-8 weeks: $350+
Long hair double process: $600 - $850+
Long hair double process touch up 6-8 weeks: $432
We refuse to take short cuts because your hair deserves better than that!

Junior Stylist:

Creative color and Highlights

*Detail and pricing will be established during FREE consultation

Short haircut above the shoulder : $27
Medium length:$37
Long: $54

Creative color including Toner 
Balayage with root color:$200+

All blonding services include toner
Full foil$150+
Full foil touchup $100+
Color & Full foil $175+

Partial foil$110+
partial foil touch up $80+
Color & partial foil $150+

*Extra Products charge may apply*

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*Prices can change depending on hair type*

Pre-booking/Referral Program:

-10% discount for prebooking next 3 appointments

*cannot combine with other promotional offers*

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